Italian Cooking Classes



DaDa ‘N Co. was born from the recipes handed down for generations and the passion for cooking, combined with the love of eating good quality food and sharing meals with friends.


What is all about?
In order to keep the cooking tradition of our family’s alive, we are organising cooking class where we will teach you how to prepare some of the most traditional and iconic Italian dishes.


What we are going to do?
1) We teach you how to make Italian recipes in an informal environment where you can relax and have fun while learning.
2) We cook everything that has been prepared during the course.
3) Lastly we enjoy the meal together at the end of the class as a family or group of friend!



What are the Classes?

You will learn how to make fresh traditional homemade pasta (with or without eggs as request) such as tagliatelle, spaghetti, stuffed ravioli and how to dress them to exalt the taste in the Italian way.

– Pizza
You will learn how to make pizza dough for a regular house oven and how to choose and combine the different toppings.

– Arancini Class
You will learn how to make the authentic deep fried Sicilian rice balls, how to stuff them, how to make them crispy frying them in a light but tasty way.

– Gnocchi Class

This is the new entry in our menu. You will learn how to make potato gnocchi exactly as our grandmothers taught us.

You can also chose the Ricotta Gnocchi! Yes, you read well, gnocchi made of ricotta cheese rather than potatoes! Light and delicious

Prices ($$ each per person):
$65 (x2 min)
$50 (x3 to 4)
$45 (x5 up to 6)

N.B. You will share the class only with the number of people you have booked for.

The classes will be held at our place in Port Melbourne (next to Gasworks Arts Park).

Class Schedule:
Monday to Friday from 6pm to 9pm (or 7pm to 10pm).
Saturday to Sunday from 5pm to 8pm (or 6pm to 9pm / 7pm to 10pm)

Class Duration:
About 3 hours, dinner included.

Contact / Booking

For booking and more information about the classes/location please email or message us.

Looking forward to see you soon!